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A laid back NFT community with high utility and long-term benefits—we post daily NFT news, shoutout holders in our Youtube videos, host giveaways and provide whitelist spots for other amazing NFT collections. Ether is just a number, Egg is eternal.

Mint Page

Contract Address: 0xf6FbfDfFC36dEA15d61239f14f534a0A0D2d447e


Whitelist Mint

Price: 0.001 ETH (Roughly $1.25)

Date: 29th December 8am UTC

Public Mint

Price: 0.002 ETH (Roughly $2.50)

Date: 30th December 8am UTC


You will be able to mint an Egg Token on the mint page that you can find at the top of this website when the mint goes live, or buy one from the OpenSea marketplace after the mint.
The presale for whitelisted users will take place on December 29th, 8am UTC. The public sale begins on December 30th, 8am UTC.
Each Egg Token will cost 0.001 ETH + gas during the presale, and 0.002 ETH + gas during the main sale. We're using a low gas contract so the gas prices should be relatively cheap.
To join the whitelist of users who will be able to mint at a Discounted price during the presale click the "whitelist" button in the top navigation bar of this website and follow the instructions.
Every whitelisted user will be able to mint a maximum of 5 Egg Token NFTs during the presale. There will be no wallet limit for the main sale.
The Egg Token resale royalties are set at a standard rate of 5% for funding giveaways and providing other holder benefits.
In the interest of keeping an even playing field, all Egg Tokens will be hidden when they are initially minted. The reveal is planned 24 hours after the public sale begins, on December 31st 8am UTC.


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